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A gathering place for Gay Lightworkers.
May Love and Light guide you.

This page last modified on Friday, January 07, 2011

Lightworkers are people on earth at this time whose purpose involves raising the consciousness of the planet in some way. For some this can be teaching, for others it can be by spreading joy and laughter, or for others it might even be tearing down the old way of doing things. I believe as gay people, we possess all of these things. We definitely have been a part of tearing down the "old" way of things for many years as we force people to examine old and outdated parts of themselves. We also teach compassion and acceptance. However, what I think is the most important is that we contain both male and female aspects of ourselves. This gives gay people an awareness of what the spirit really is. It isn't any gender... it just is. In some native American Cultures, the homosexuals are the most revered of society for a few reasons. Not only are they a rare and unique being (because God cannot make mistakes) but they contain this dual aspect of male/female. They are looked to as the shamans of the tribe. Let us all come together in a safe place and practice our spirituality and connect and raise the energy of humanity. Let us feel connected and share our experiences and meet new people from all over the world.

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